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Aeroponics Kit

AeroGarden 2490-21S 2490-21S Classic 7-Pod Indoor Gardening System with Herb 'n Serve Dressing Mixer and Herb Chef Seed Kit, SilverWhat kind of Aeroponics kit is right for you?
It’s a pretty easy answer, because there is really only one commercial, consumer-ready, easy to user kit out there.  The AeroGarden is that kit, it comes with everything you need to start growing and learning about aeroponics in an easy to use kit.

This model comes with all the benefits you’d expect from the an AeroGarden:

  • Aeroponics Kit contains everything you need to get started immediately
  • All natural (which means no nasty chemicals or pesticides)
  • Simple to use any time of the year indoors
  • Great for vegetables and herbs – for fresh chef tasting foods anytime

AeroGarden Seed KitIn case your not familiar with the Aeroponics Aerograden you can check it out in our complete article on it, or click the picture to the left and read the reviews by people on Amazon at the bottom to see if it’s really the right aeroponics kit for you.AeroGarden Seed Kit

AeroGarden Seed Kit

This is a special version of the AeroGarden because it comes with the Herb Chef Pack. Growing the tomatoes and herbs can be fun, even for those with the brown thumb.

What else can be said about this Aeroponics kit?  What herbs and vegetables will be start with first?

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