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Aerogarden Aeroponics

Just what is the Aerogarden of Aeroponics?
They call it the first indoor gardening appliance in the world.  That’s a pretty bold claim, but what does it really do?

Essentially it lets you grow plants and herbs, from inside your house, so you can pick them fresh when they are ready.

What makes it different from indoor plants?
There is no dirt.
You heard that right, no green thumb required.  Aeroponics doesn’t need dirt, because it sprays a nutrient rich water spray onto the plants, which are more exposed for better, healthier plant growing.

Does this aeroponics Aerogarden have a learning curve or tough to use?
Absolutely not, it is a foolproof system and won’t make a mess.  It comes with everything you need to grow immediately.

So I can grow fresh plants year round, no matter the season?
Now your getting it.  That’s the beauty of the Aerogarden and aeroponics in general.

Is this a cheesy informercial or do real stores sell this?
The biggest online store does.  You can see this on Amazon right here.

What is the story behind the Aerogarden?
It’s hard to talk about aeroponics without mentioning that NASA invented it for use in space.  The Aerogarden has a time-release for the nutrients.  That allows you to grow with very little hastle.  It actually has a 100 percent success guarantee.  Really the complete package.

What comes with this kit?

  • Lighting system for the plant.
  • Rainforest-like chamber for optimal growing
  • Smart Garden Computerized technology
  • Built-in system that tells you when to add water or nutrients
  • Auto turn on/off lights
  • Seed Kit

You can check the types of plants and herbs available:

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